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itinerant vendor of small goods. In rural America peddlers carried their packs or drove a horse and cart from door to door. While the importance of peddlers to the small American community declined considerably with the growth of automobile transportation and mail-order houses, their role in certain sections of the Asian and African markets has remained important.


See R. L. Wright, Hawkers and Walkers in Early America (1927, repr. 1965); J. R. Dolan, Yankee Peddlers of Early America (1964).


(esp US), peddler, pedler
a person who peddles; hawker
References in classic literature ?
It is full of life, and stir, and business, dirt, beggars, asses, yelling peddlers, porters, dervishes, high-born Turkish female shoppers, Greeks, and weird-looking and weirdly dressed Mohammedans from the mountains and the far provinces --and the only solitary thing one does not smell when he is in the Great Bazaar, is something which smells good.
The peddler with his pack traversed the country by all manner of lonely roads, and was compelled to rely upon the country people for hospitality.
The man had something strapped on his back and carried a heavy stick-- obviously an itinerant peddler.
cried the Peddler, "bring this good fellow another pot of ale, for truly it is a credit to us all to have one among us who can empty a canakin so lustily.
Talking of fatness," said the Peddler, "thou thyself lookest none too ill-fed, holy friar.
At this the Tinker and the Peddler and the Beggar nudged one another, and all grinned, and the friars scowled blackly at Little John; but they could think of nothing further to say, so they turned to their horses.
As they so went away, the Tinker, the Peddler, and the Beggar ran skipping out into the middle of the highway, each with a pot in his hand, and looked after them laughing.
The peddler had certainly spoken the truth when he declared that the dye wouldn't wash off, however his veracity might be impeached in other respects.
QUETTA -- Loralai Police on Saturday arrested two drug peddlers and recovered 110 grams of heroin and 80 grams chars from their possession.
The success, the report said, was not achieved only through raids and sending over 150 drug peddlers behind bars but also taking action against dozens of policemen ranked from constable to DSP and severing the supply line, which was being operated by the excise officials.
Sukkur -- Sukkur police on Wednesday arrested seven drug peddlers and gamblers during its campaign against anti-social elements throughout Sukkur district on the orders of the SSP Sukkur Amjad Ahmed Shaikh.
province and arrested two members of inter-provincial drug peddlers.