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(cell and molecular biology)
A plasma membrane.
(invertebrate zoology)
A thin protective membrane, as on certain protozoans.



a condensed layer of cytoplasm on the body surface of many protozoans, such as flagellates and infusorians. It is sometimes thin and elastic and does not inhibit change in body shape. In other cases, it is solid and defines a constant body shape. The exterior of the pellicle is often sculptured, with denticles, papillae, ridges, or other formations. Study of the pellicle’s ultrastructure in the electron microscope shows that the pellicle is usually composed of two separated layers. Each layer, in turn, consists of two membranes, with a less dense, narrow fissure between them.

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Organic chromogens are taken up by the pellicle and the color imparted is determined by the natural color of the chromogen and the color seen on the tooth is considered to be derived mostly from polyphenolic compounds (15,16).
Oppenheim, Statherin is an in vivo Pellicle Constituent: Identification and Immuno-Quantification, Arch.
After pellicle formation, each disk was submitted to a citric acid solution for 60 seconds.
In the present study, wheat isolates formed a wheel like white pellicle in bluish back ground of semisolid NFM medium and circular/ wrinkled colonies changed the color from transparent to creamy and then dark pink on agar plates, clearly indicated that they were Azospirillum sp.
Sano et al (2002) demonstrated the effect of increased hydrophobicity of salivary pellicles after chitosan adsorption and its influence on reduction in adhesion of Streptococcus sobrinus to saliva-coated hydroxyapatite disks, which was minimal for chitosans with a molecular weight of 5-6 kDa and a degree of acetylation of 50-60% [40].
In the present study, it has been noticed that merozoites emerged into parasitophorous vacuoles and were bounded by a double-layered pellicle, which coincide with those described in C.
12] However it is now considered that it is the affinity of Chlorhexidine for the acidic proteins in pellicle, plaque, calculus, oral mucosa and on surface of bacteria which is of greater clinical significance than its affinity for hydroxyapatite.
The hypothesis that the frequency increases too much it is possible that the pellicles effect can be so pronounced that is a short time after the current appliance the temperature in certain areas of the piece increase a lot, the average temperature remaining insufficient to achieve the cleating diameter
The specimens were also treated with saliva to form an initial pellicle layer and facilitate the uptake of the stain.
Asahi Kasei is also applying improvements to its manufacturing processes to increase its production capacity for pellicles for semiconductor applications at its facility in Nobeoka, Miyazaki.
NaturDent contains papain and bromelain with natural enzymes to break down the pellicle preventing plaque and stains; meswak extract, which fortifies gums and acts as a barrier against tooth decay; neem, which has been shown to significantly reduce the plaque and cleanse the mouth; and xylitol, which is proven to reduce the incidence of plaque buildup and keep teeth healthy.
The crust of the electronic dictionary is aluminum crust, inboard direction of aluminum crust is protecting pellicle, and the side of product is plastic pellicle.