river, c.330 mi (530 km) long, rising W of the Mackenzie Mts., S central Yukon, Canada, and flowing generally northwest to join the Yukon River at Fort Selkirk. The Pelly receives the Ross and Macmillan rivers. It was explored (1840) by Robert Campbell of the Hudson's Bay Company.
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At Selkirk, the trading post near Pelly River, Daylight suggested that Kama lay over, rejoining him on the back trip from Dyea.
He'll sure last as far as Pelly," Daylight grinned.
At the Pelly one morning, as they were harnessing up, Dolly, who had never been conspicuous for anything, went suddenly mad.
They made Sixty Mile, which is a fifty-mile run, on the first day; and the second day saw them booming up the Yukon well on their way to Pelly.
Upon my wort, toctor,” observed Major Hartmann, with a roguish roll of his little black eyes, but with every other feature of his face in a state of perfect rest, “put you have a very pretty pocket-book of tools tere, and your toctor-stuff glitters as if it was petter for ter eyes as for ter pelly.
pious gastronome, Hengist Pelly, "God has been pleased to reward the
Based on the fact that we are in 30 countries, we have 46 tournaments next year in 30 different countries," Pelly boasted about the growth of the European Tour, which will go to three more new countries in 2018.
The Irishman made a vital covering tackle on 15 minutes to deny Luton's Jack Marriott before Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu struck a firm follow-up well saved by Trevor Carson.
He stated that the document contains a diary written by Al-Haji Ahmed Al-Manshi, an employee of the British Resident in the Iranian city of Bushehr dating back to 1863 two years before the famous mission of the British resident in that city at the time Sir Lewis Pelly to Kuwait and then to Najd.
PRINCE William's best friend Guy Pelly was yesterday banned from the road for a third time after he was found guilty of drink-driving in his PS90,000 Audi coupe.
He was seen unwinding by the pool at Soho House and having scrumptious food with his friend and soon to be a groom Guy Pelly.