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pendant, pendent, pendent drop

pendant, 2 on an Early New England house
pendant, 1: A
1. A suspended feature or hanging ornament used in the vaults and timber roofs of Gothic architecture or Gothic Revival; also called a pendent.
2. A
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The Economic Survey also suggests that the Government could consider including efforts and progress made in alleviating pendency in the lower judiciary as a performance-based incentive for States.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated the use of technology for speedy delivery of justice and assured Khehar that the government will make all efforts to back his resolve to reduce pendency of cases.
To survive a motion to dismiss or vacate a notice of pendency filed by a party claiming to be entitled to one, the broker must be able to allege and prove that the "action .
To seek to exclude yourself from the Class, you must submit a request for exclusion conforming to the instructions in the Notice of Pendency of Class Action and Proposed Settlement postmarked no later than September 22, 2010.
help reduce the pendency and piling up of cases in the SC, the focus should be on bringing down the backlog of 2.
The Full Court observed that efforts should be made to reduce the pendency and clear the backlog of the cases.
It is relatively simple to satisfy the statutory requirements to file a notice of pendency, inviting potential abuse by parties seeking to restrict property owners' ability to convey marketable title.
If you have not yet received the full printed Notice of Pendency of Class Action, you may obtain copies of this document by contacting the Claims Administrator at:
There is a huge pendency of cases as against the present strength of judges, he said adding the proposed bill seeks to set up evening courts in the ICT for speedy disposal of cases and clearance of backlog.
VIP complaints sent by various departments and ministries including the Ministry of Home Affairs ( MHA), government of Delhi, Lieutenant Governor's ( L- G) office are all lying unattended, thus adding to the long pendency list.
On directive of the NAB Chairman, the Bureau has prepared an Action Plan for reduction of pendency of cases on monthly basis.