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A plastic operation on the cornea, especially the transplantation of a portion of the cornea.



an operation involving corneal grafting.

It is performed when there are persistent opacities (leukomas) of the cornea that cause a severe decrease in vision, in order to partially or completely restore vision. Sometimes keratoplasty is resorted to also for cosmetic reasons. In keratoplasty the altered cornea is excised and in its place a disk of similar shape and size is grafted that is taken from the cornea of a person whose eye was removed for other reasons.

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Only if this is not possible does one revert to a penetrating keratoplasty.
This image is of an eye soon after penetrating keratoplasty.
Initial clinical work suggests that allografts prepared with IntraLase's femtosecond laser are stronger than those prepared with traditional penetrating keratoplasty, with less induction of astigmatism.
For many years, visual rehabilitation has been limited to contact lenses and penetrating keratoplasty.
Food and Drug Administration for use of the IntraLase FS30 femtosecond laser in creating the corneal resections performed in lamellar keratoplasty and penetrating keratoplasty procedures.
The article reports that, "Thirteen patients (13 eyes) experiencing corneal transplant rejection at different periods after penetrating keratoplasty (range, 3 months to 13 years) were enrolled in a study performed at the Scientific Research Institute of Eye Diseases of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, after patient-informed consent and approval by the Department of Reconstructive Surgery review panel were obtained.