Pennsylvania barn

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Pennsylvania barn

A bank barn found throughout Pennsylvania, employing an overshoot on the side opposite the bank; the livestock are housed in the masonry lower level, and the timber frame haymow occupies the upper levels.

Pennsylvania Dutch barn, Pennsylvania barn

A two-story barn, built into the slope of a hill, whose upper structure overhangs the story below on the downhill side.
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In a Pennsylvania barn she found abandoned glass vials that once held tiny watch gears.
A 1903 Pennsylvania barn thresher owned by brothers Kent and Karl Jansen, Sigel, Ill.
All can enjoy storytelling sessions and take a partner for a spring-time hoe-down in the Pennsylvania Barn where you can listen to the best of old-time music from Appalachia.
Guests then moved to a 19th-century Pennsylvania barn on the property for dessert and dancing with the Jerry Bennett band.
Then again, in an old Pennsylvania barn the houses are tiny replicas circled constantly by little trains that puff real smoke and whistle at stations with miniature crowds.
This exhibit will feature rare and unique prints from the Lane Collection, including dramatic views of the skyscrapers of lower Manhattan from the 1920s, his Cubist-inspired photos of Pennsylvania barns and several famous images of American industry made for a 1939 edition of Fortune.

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