People's Council

People’s Council


the name of local organs of state power in Albania, Bulgaria, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV), and Rumania.

People’s councils are elected directly by the people through universal, equal, and direct suffrage by secret ballot for three years in Albania, 21/2 years in Bulgaria, three and two years in the SRV, and four years in Rumania. A people’s council exercises state power over the administrative unit concerned. Within the limits of its jurisdiction, it directs and controls economic enterprises, organizations, and institutions located in its territory; manages the local economy, cultural affairs, social security, local utilities, education, and public health; and provides for the protection of citizens’ rights, public order, and socialist legality. [17–839–2; updated]

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The Labour Party is addicted to hiking people's council tax.
THE annual Gwynedd Older People's Council conference will be held on Friday, December 4, at Y Ganolfan, Porthmadog.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Speaker of the upper house of Russian parliament Valentina Matvienko said in a letter to speaker of Syria's People's Council Mohammad Jihad Laham that the recent meeting of the Russian and Syrian Presidents in Moscow reaffirmed the full convergence of positions on the commitment of the two countries to put an end to the war of insurgency in the country.
The Speaker sent similar cables to each of the Kuwaiti President of the People's Council, Mohammed Nasser, and Prime Minister al-Habib al-Sayd.
They were held in 1924 when he entered Makkah and announced the establishment of a people's council.
Chairman of the LPR People's Council Alexey Karyakin said the relaunch of railway service between Luhansk and Moscow was set as one of the measures due to be taken by Ukraine to remove the economic blockade on Luhansk.
The members of the mission got acquainted with the implementation of the CEC preparation for the parliamentary, regional, district, and city people's council elections in 2014, and with the electoral legislation innovations.
Summary: The Speaker of the People's Council of Syria (Parliament) Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said Wednesday in Algiers that his country wishes to benefit from the Algerian experience in terms of national reconciliation and legislative elections.
Al-Younnes was attacked by gunmen while travelling on a road linking the city of Hama with the town of Salamiyeh, said the People's Council of Syria (parliament) in a statement.
Turkmenistan introduced a new Electoral Code in May of 2013, which regulates the relations arising from the preparation and conduct of the presidential election, election of deputies of the Majlis, members of the institutions of the local governing - People's Council as well as referenda, and sets the guarantees to ensure the free will of Turkmen citizens.
With no sign of either side -- the interim government nor the anti-government protesters who wanted a people's council to replace the parliament and ensure that former prime ministers Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra would never hold power again -- compromising, the army stepped in and declared they were taking over and suspending the constitution.
The PDRC's solution is to prevent any more elections until an unelected People's Council, made up of "good people" chosen by the elite institutions that support the opposition, can "reform" the political system by excluding voters who are poorly educated or simply poor.

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