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For Frankish rulers thus named, use Pepin.


1. any of several varieties of eating apple with a rounded oblate shape
2. the seed of any of these fruits


A multimedia game machine from Apple that used the PowerPC architecture and a limited version of the Mac OS. The Pippin was introduced in 1995 and discontinued two years later due to very poor worldwide sales. It included a CD-ROM drive, analog modem for Internet access and handheld game controller. Manufactured by Bandai in Japan and Katz Media Productions (KMP) in Europe, the machine was named after the colonial American Pippin apple.
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Hence, until the Commission rules on a case that allows it to provide clear guidance, Franks and Pepin need to be viewed as cautionary tales.
With the fuel business, we already represent, depending on the industry, 25 to 40 per cent of their buys, so by adding lubricants and industrial supplies and then the bearing and power transmission lines, it enables us to have a complete offer," Pepin said.
The Pepin Academies website gives prospective parents and donors a glimpse into life and learning for students on each campus.
Pepin was selected by a panel of people who knew Child: Darra Goldstein, Williams College professor and founding editor of Gastronomica; Russ Parsons, columnist and former food editor at the Los Angeles Times ; New England chef Jasper White; Nancy Silverton, co-owner of Osteria Mozza and other restaurants in California and Singapore; and Jim Dodge, director of specialty culinary programmes at Bon Appetit Management.
Pepin canceled his appearance at IACP's conference as a result of suffering a minor stoke prior to the event.
During the presentation, Pepin revealed the following about B.
The evidence offered by Pepin for the iatrogenic hypothesis is probably better presented than ever before.
Pepin accomplishes all this with care for both scholarship and language, without once slipping into ideology or rage, always deferring to the evidence yet never once losing his humanity.
I tell a student that the most important class you can take is technique," Pepin says while chopping chives beneath a decorative tile that reads: "A great chef is first a great technician.
had brought along a cheering section of about 30, including his father, his children, and his childhood best friend, who is now a Hasidic rabbi, all of whom erupt with glee when Jacques Pepin pronounces Davis' delicious chicken and egg donburi, a comfort dish he likened to "Japanese meatloaf," the winner.
Chef Pepin is an icon to Hispanics and Latinos everywhere," says Steve Kaczynski, chief executive officer.
By Day 40, the branches that had been treated were still green, tender, and fresh-looking, while the untreated branches had lost virtually all their needles," explained Steeve Pepin, co-author of the study and professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at UniversitAe Laval.