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A water-soluble mixture of proteoses and amino acids derived from albumin, meat, or milk; used as a nutrient and to prepare nutrient media for bacteriology.



a product formed by the partial hydrolysis of proteins and consisting chiefly of a mixture of various polypeptides and also containing dipeptides, tripeptides, and free amino acids. Peptones are formed by the action of proteolytic enzymes in gastric and pancreatic juices (pepsin, trypsin) on proteins or by careful hydrolysis of proteins in acid or alkaline solutions. The composition and name of a peptone depend on the type of protein from which the peptone is derived. Thus, there are meat peptones, fish peptones egg peptones, and others. Peptones are used in microbiology for the preparation of nutrient media.

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Effect of diverse enrichment conditions on the isolation of culturable Vibrio cholerae O1 strains from aquatic reservoirs in the Gressier and Leogane regions of Haiti Culture results after alkaline peptone water enrichment 37[degrees]C 37[degrees]C 40[degrees]C Strain ID (6-8 h) (18-24 h) (6-8 h) Env-9 - - + Env-90 - - + Env-94 + - + Env-122 * + - - Env-383 - + - Env-390 + - - Env-114 * - + + * Env-122 and env-114 were isolated from water and a shrimp sample, respectively, from a single sampling site at a single isolation round.
Like Lennon's life after the Beatles broke up, Peptone post-baseball life was not pretty.
Before staining, cells suspensions of Pseudomonas fluorescensBTP1 were diluted in peptone water; at 0,2 optic density to 590 nm, centrifuged 2 minutes at 12000 rpm, and the pellets were resuspended in 1ml PBS buffer.
1 ml of diluted bacteria suspension was cultured in 5 ml liquid peptone medium contain 0.
The mushrooms were aseptically transferred using sterilized forceps into sterile blender jars to which an equal weight of sterile buffered peptone water (BPW, Difco) was added.
The fermentation broth had the following composition: 40 g glucose, 3 g peptone, 15 g malt extract, and 1000 mL deionized water.
The peptone, ferrous sulfate, and sodium thiosulfate may also interact with lactose or sucrose to cause prodigiosin repression.
Samples were swabbed with sterilized cotton or mixed with peptone water and then inoculated into selective medium BTJA, containing phytone, tomato juice, sodium chloride, and bromcresol purple.
As Schwartz and his team infused glucose, a sugar, or peptone, a protein, directly into the duodenum, they recorded both gut wall movements and the corresponding signals to the brain.
Peptone (CAS 91079-46-8) Market Research Report 2012 presents comprehensive data on peptone markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.