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Any of a group of enzymes which mediate the phenomenon of active transport.



a component, probably of a protein nature, of certain biological membranes that transports metabolites across the membrane. Each permease transports a specific group of chemically similar compounds, and its biosynthesis is controlled by a single gene. The most extensively studied permeases have been those that transport carbohydrates in bacteria, although permeases for amino acids and several ions are also known. The bacterium Escherichia coli has from 30 to 60 different permeases.

The term “permease” is often extended to imply a functional meaning, that is, to designate an entire multicomponent system for the transport of a certain compound. This usage is erroneous, since permeases cannot be equated with enzymes, which are also named by adding the suffix “-ase.” It has been proposed that permeases be called transport proteins, or transfors.


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Ferrichrome and ferriox- amine each have a separate substrate binding protein (FhuD and YxeB, respectively), but require the same membrane permease using an ATPase (FhuBGC) [29, 32].
Saccharomyces Rab4 and Rab5 null mutants were no longer able to support the intemalization of the Leishmania adenosine permease by TOR.
C, co-transporter; DMT1, divalent metal-ion transporter-l; NRAMP1, natural resistance-associated macrophage protein-1; SLC, Solute Carriers; ZIP, zinc-iron permease family of proteins: ZNT, zinc transporter proteins Table II.
This dual role would be analogous to the sugar permease BglF in Escherichia coli and the yeast ammonium transporter Mep2p.
15) Autosomal dominant familial AD involves mutations in the amino acid permease (APP) gene.
Carbodiimide chemistry research interest focused as a tool to aid nucleotide and peptide synthesis and as permease inhibition.
nidulans (Brownlee and Arst 1983), which causes a nitrate permease with a lower affinity for chlorate, and in young mycelium also for nitrate.
Si esta leccion permease el quehacer de todos los mexicanos, el rostro de nuestro pais seria muy distinto.
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the arginine permease Can1 and other plasma membrane proteins, show a patchy distribution, being enriched in the MCC (Membrane Compartment of Can1) subdomain.