a site 4 km south of Novgorod, on a hill on the left bank of the Volkhov River, near the Volkhov’s outlet from Lake Il’men’. The name of the site is derived from the name of the ancient Slavic god Perun. When the site was excavated in 1951— 1953, a pagan sanctuary of the ninth and tenth centuries was uncovered. In the form of an eight-petal flower, the sanctuary was composed of a central circular area about 21 m in diameter, which was encircled by a trench with eight bow-shaped projections, in each of which a ritual fire burned. At the center of the circular area stood a wooden statue of Perun, dating from 988 according to chronicles, and a stone altar. After the introduction of Christianity, a monastery was built where the sanctuary had been; a stone church of the Nativity of the Virgin, built at the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century, is still standing. Excavations near Peryn’ have uncovered the remains of a fishing village dating from the 12th to 15th centuries.


Sedov, V. V. “Drevnerusskoe iazycheskoe sviatilishche v Peryni.” In the collection Kratkie soobshcheniia o dokladakh i polevykh is-sledovaniiakh Instituta istorii material’noi kul’tury, vol. 50, 1953.
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Ensemble Cymru's Artistic Director, Peryn Clement-Evans says he has discovered some similarities between chamber music and comedy from working with Tudur, as Peryn said, "What's been interesting is finding the common ground between the two art forms.
Examples include, Tim Rhys-Evans (MD) and Craig Yates (Baritone) of Only Men Aloud, Jamie Smith and Matt Downer of popular folk group MABON, Phil Lloyd-Evans & Lowri Porter from WNO chorus and orchestra, Peryn Clement Evans Director of Ensembl Cymru, and Hannah Stone, former Harpist to HRH Prince of Wales.
Long ago the scholars pointed out that the church of the Nativity of Virgin on Peryn (1220-1230s), which is located not far from Lipno, was used as a sample for St Nicholas church (Karger 1954, 49 f.
Some of the religious, such as John Bale, had already become disaffected with their vocation and switched allegiance; some, such as the Dominicans William Peryn and Robert Buckenham, fled abroad; and some, such as the three Carthusian priors who were martyred on May 4, 1535, along with the Bridgettine brother Richard Reynolds and John Hale, a secular priest and vicar of Isleworth, gave up their lives for their faith.
Ensemble Cymru's artistic director, renowned clarinetist Peryn Clement-Evans, who set the group up 10 years ago, is determined to change all that.
His parents Denzil and Peryn, girlfriend Clare Ursell, and her brother and Jon's close friend, Josh Ursell, flew out to the Greek capital and were at his bedside when he died.
in the forms ther(e) of (f) , Perof her(e)ofW, ther(e)in, perin, theryn, peryn, ther(e)to, Pareto, and Perto, e.
Dechreuwyd yr ymarfer yng nghartref y cwmni yng Nghapel Bethel, Llan Ffestiniog gyda thridiau o hyfforddiant ac ymarfer cerddorol dwys: cyfle, nid yn unig i'r prif gantorion gyfarwyddo a'u rhannau ond hefyd cyfle i'r cyfansoddwyr gael clywed eu gwaith am y tro cyntaf Yna, symudodd y cwmni i lawr y ffordd i Theatr Ardudwy (Harlech) i ymarfer y gwaith mewn cyd-destun theatr, ac i baratoi ar gyfer ymarfer llawn o flaen partneriaid creadigol eraill y prosiect, fel y dylunydd, Lois Prys a'r Cyfarwyddwr, Patrick Young, yn ogystal a Chyfarwyddwyr Artistig Canolfan Pontio ac Ensemble Cymru, Elen ap Robert a Peryn Clement-Evans.
Two of the chapters admittedly have seen a previous form of publication, the first, on Simon Appulby, and the fifth, on William Peryn, but their inclusion is important in a book which begins with Appulby, hermit of All Hallows London Wall, whose Fruyte of Redempcyon was published first in 1514 and last in 1532, to William Peryn, Dominican, whose Spirituall Exercyses was published in 1557, and beyond, to Richard Whitford, whose last publication, in 1541, of his Dyvers Holy Instrucyons post-dated the dissolution of Erler's title.
Despite his weak state doctors did not think he was in any immediate danger of deteriorating and so Peryn, Clare and Josh all left for the night leaving Denzil to watch over Jonny.
For this we all owe a debt of gratitude to the efforts and commitment of top musicians like Peryn Clement-Evans - a clarinetist with the Ensemble who set it up in the first place and who has worked tirelessly as its artistic director.