Peter's denial

Peter’s denial

Peter denies Christ three times. [N.T.: Matthew 26: 67–75]
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The Evangelist, Guy de Mey, sings the part with a flexible pace and always maintains the flow of the narrative without losing the force of such expressive highlights as Peter's denial or the rending of the veil of the temple, which is given electrifying impact with the aid of some scarifying string playing.
We will be told of Judas' betrayal and of Peter's denial.
Kobow's telling of Peter's denial in Part I and Pilate's scourging of Jesus in Part II are both moving and technically accurate.
Even Matthew Minter's all-important story-telling Evangelist, clear and eloquent though it was, was low on octane in extolling Peter's denial (he went out and wept bitterly) and Judas's earlier betrayal.
It would also include Jesus challenging the faith of the disciples: during the windstorm on the lake (8:25), following the parable of the widow and the judge (18:8, in the reading for next week), and predicting Peter's denial (22:32).
In this monograph Herron sets out to advance our understanding of Mark's story of Peter's denial, see what light it throws on the theme of discipleship in Mark, and draw out the presuppositions of those who have previously studied it.
The group takes comfort in Peter's denial in the courtyard, recalled in his three-fold confession in John 21.
The Christian endeavor survived Peter's denial of Jesus.
Those who will not hear the narratives on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday will hear it all in one reading on Passion Sunday: the Passover meal, the arrest of Jesus, Peter's denial, and Jesus' trial, crucifixion, and burial.
Peter's denial of Jesus before he led the early Christians.
But in Part 2, he grows more dramatic, more of the storyteller, with his recitatives leading up to Peter's denial and the great alto aria,"Erbarme dich," becoming very emotional and expressive.