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Mansfield, Sir Peter,

1933–2017, British physicist, Ph.D. Queen Mary College, London, 1962. He was a professor at the Univ. of Nottingham from 1964 to 1994. In 2003 Mansfield shared the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine with Paul LauterburLauterbur, Paul Christian,
1929–2007, American chemist, b. Sidney, Ohio, Ph.D. Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1962. Lauterbur was (1969–85) a faculty member at the State Univ. of New York at Stony Brook (now Stony Brook Univ.) and at the Univ.
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 for their joint work on medical applications of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Building on Lauterbur's discovery that gradients in the magnetic field could be used to create a two-dimensional picture, Mansfield demonstrated that a useful imaging technique could be developed through mathematical analysis of the radio signals emitted during the process. He also showed that very rapid imaging was possible, a potential that was realized in medicine ten years later.
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In 2003, by the Nobel Prize of Physiology was awarded to Paul Lautenberg and Peter Mansfield for their work in MRI.
We re pleased that CallValidate will enable the Bank to meet their KYC obligations as well as assisting in meeting its responsibilities for AML regulations and ensuring the prevention of fraud within the business, said Peter Mansfield, Managing Director, Callcredit Ltd.
Callcredit's managing director, Peter Mansfield, stated that the purchase indicated his company's commitment to developing its public sector business.
Ten years ago: American Paul Lauterbur and Briton Peter Mansfield won the Nobel Prize for medicine for discoveries that led to magnetic resonance imaging.
Peter Mansfield, managing director of Callcredit, said: "In some cases, if used responsibly, payday loans could help to improve the credit profile, especially those with either little credit history or those with a previous history of missed payments and arrears.
The new study by Experts in magnetic resonance imaging from The University of Nottingham's Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre reveals why images of the brain produced using the latest MRI techniques are so sensitive to the direction in which nerve fibers run.
It has a strong reputation for research, with two recent Nobel Prize winners in Sir Clive Granger (Economic Science) and Sir Peter Mansfield (Medicine).
Then there's MRI scanner inventor Sir Peter Mansfield, 75, handed a Lifetime Achievement Award by Gordon Brown and wife Sarah.
He presented the lifetime achievement award to Sir Peter Mansfield, who developed the magnetic resonance imaging scanner despite leaving school at 15 with no qualifications.
Phil Courtney, Diane Benussi, Lord Timothy Bell; Ian Plumley, Sally Earl, Marc Reeves, Bev Weston, Derek Inman; Peter Mansfield, Mary Daunt, Jayne Willetts, Dawn Pardoe; Phil Courtney, Melissa Dickinson, Richard Edwards, Neil Rami
Over the past ten years, you could say that Cornwall has come of age in its recognition of the economic importance of the landscape and that the principle is sustainable," says Peter Mansfield, chair of the AONB.
Abitibi operations manager Peter Mansfield said: "We're delighted this initiative provides such a direct reward to those like Kathryn who have adopted the recycling habitwith such enthusiasm.