Russia: see PeterhofPeterhof
or Petergof
, formerly (1944–97) Petrodvorets
, town, NW European Russia, on Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland. Administratively part of Saint Petersburg, Peterhof is a port, a rail terminus, and a resort center.
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Min, who had personally supervised the crushing of the Moscow armed uprising in December 1905, was fatally shot by a Socialist-Revolutionary terrorist in plain sight of his wife and daughter on the platform at the Novyi Petergof train station, only a few kilometers away from where Nicholas was residing in the Alexandria Park.
Spiridovich was apparently the first official in Russia to propose creating a permanent office to scrutinize the identity of people living and traveling in the suburban towns (and in their vicinity) where the emperor maintained residences--Tsarskoe Selo, Novyi Petergof, Gatchina, and Pavlovsk.
2006, The exceptional earthquakes in Kaliningrad District, Russia on September 21, 2004 In: Modern methods of processing and interpretation of seismological data, Materials from international seismological school dedicated to 100-anniversary foundation of seismic stations Pulkovo and Ekaterinburg, Petergof 2-6 October, 2006.
Tom and Natasha, who he met more than a year ago while teaching English in Russia, had set up home in Old Petergof, a small town near St Petersburg.
Contest with limited participation: execution of works on cleaning the olginsky canal of the water-supply system of the fountains in the city of petergof in order to preserve the cultural heritage site
PMA has been offered a second 104m roubles contract for the Kirovskiy Zavod Petergof line.