Petr Nikolaevich Petrov

Petrov, Petr Nikolaevich


Born June 19 (July 1), 1827, in St. Petersburg; died there Mar. 29 (Apr. 10), 1891. Russian art historian.

Petrov’s numerous articles, full of new information, are a valuable source for the study of Russian art, although they contain a number of inaccuracies. His articles were published in Collected Materials on the 100-Year History of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg (parts 1-3, 1864-66), Russian Painters-Stipendiaries of Peter the Great, Vestnik izia-shchnykh iskusstv (Herald of Fine Arts; 1883, vol. 1: issue 1, pp. 66-97; issue 2, pp. 193-222), and The History of St. Petersburg (1884).