Petroleum Ether

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petroleum ether

[pə′trō·lē·əm ‚ē·thər]
A volatile fraction of petroleum consisting chiefly of pentanes and hexanes. Also known as ligroin; white spirit.

Petroleum Ether


a light petroleum distillate consisting mainly of hydrocarbons (pentanes and hexanes). Boiling point, 40°-70°C; density, 0.64-0.65 g/cm3. Petroleum ether is used as a solvent and as a motor fuel.

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With 500 mg/L solution only the petroleum ether extract exhibited significant difference (P= 0.
Application rate of 1000 Interaction of plant extract into solvent revealed that petroleum ether extracts of all the plants were most effective growth inhibitors allowing minimum number of S.
subtilis was shown by petroleum ether bark extract and minimum antibacterial activity (19 0.
Moreover, maximum inhibition was shown by the petroleum ether extract of Anaar (15%) followed by the chloroform extract of flower part of Gul e Surkh (13%) against the clinical S.
The petroleum ether extraction primarily had negative effects on the four isoforms of the MyHC gene in myocytes in our experimental dose, except that 1 [micro]g/mL petroleum ether extraction of the TCMF had a positive effect on the MyHC IIa expression level.
n-Hexane and petroleum ether were used as co-solvent throughout the oil extraction process.
Petroleum ether extract at 100mg/kg BW did not prevent implantation in any rats, whilst 500mg/kg inhibited implantation in 40% of animals.
Petroleum ether used had the boiling range of 60-80[degrees]C.
The following materials, among others, have been found at the facility: acetone, dimethyl formamide, petroleum ether, tetrahydrofuran, dichloroethyl ether, benzene, toluene, perchloric acid and phosphorus pentachloride.
The extraction of plant material was made in different solvents viz petroleum ether, ethanol, methanol and water sequentially according to their increasing polarity.
Chromatographic fractionation of the petroleum ether extract of the stem bark afforded D:A-friedo-oleanan-3-one (1), D:A-friedo-oleanan-3[beta]-ol (2) and [beta]-sitosterol (3).

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