Philatelists, All-Union Society of

Philatelists, All-Union Society of


a voluntary cultural and educational organization for stamp collectors of the USSR. Founded in 1966, the society incorporated the Moscow Society of Philatelists and a number of other philatelic associations around the country. It encourages philately as a socially beneficial pastime that provides mental relaxation, expands the cultural horizons of the collector, and contributes to communist upbringing. It promotes philately by organizing local branches and clubs, conducting scientific research, and providing expertise service. It also organizes exhibitions and promotes cultural ties with foreign philatelic organizations.

In 1967 the society was accepted as a member of the International Philatelic Federation. The society is directed by an administrative board located in Moscow. The first chairman was Hero of the Soviet Union E. T. Krenkel’; the cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet Union L. S. Demin became chairman in 1977.

In 1977 the society consisted of more than 2,000 local organizations and 3,000 junior philatelist clubs, many of which also have sections devoted to the collection of such varied objects as medals and lapel pins, matchbox covers, labels, postcards, and paper money. It has more than 200,000 members.

Between 1966 and 1976 the society showed more than 1,000 collections at international exhibitions, winning 854 medals and 198 prizes. The title Honorary Member of the All-Union Society of Philatelists has been established for outstanding work in the promotion of Soviet philately. By 1977, this title had been awarded to 62 Soviet and foreign philatelists. Jointly with the Ministry of Communications of the USSR, the All-Union Society of Philatelists publishes the bulletin Filateliia SSSR (Philately in the USSR).