Philippe Joseph Buchez

Buchez, Philippe Joseph


Born Mar. 31, 1796, in Matagne-la-Petite; died Aug. 12, 1865, in Rodez. French politician and historian, a doctor by education.

During the restoration of the Bourbons (1814-15, 1815-1830) Buchez participated in the movement of the Carbonari. In 1825 he joined the followers of C. Saint-Simon but broke with them in 1830 and became an ideologist of Christian socialism. Trying to reconcile Catholicism and socialism, Buchez advanced the plan of creating producing associations of workers with the help of the state. This plan was adopted by a group of reactionary-minded artisans who published the journal L’Atelier in the 1840’s. From May to June 1848, Buchez was chairman of the Constituent Assembly. He abandoned political activity in 1849. From 1834 to 1838 Buchez published, jointly with P. Roux-Laverne, the 40-volume publication of sources Parliamentary History of the French Revolution.


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