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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A magic potion. Philtres were often, though not always, used for love or sexual purposes. Supposedly, when drunk, the philtre would cause the recipient to fall madly in love with the first person he or she saw. As described in literature of the Middle Ages, many were made up of obnoxious ingredients and administered in strong wine, to disguise their foul taste. Mandrake root was a common ingredient, as were vervain, briony, human or animal blood, and the red gum known as dragon's blood.

As Rosemary Guiley points out, in Wicca the forcing of love upon another is forbidden—one must never interfere with another's free will—so today philtres would only be used to enhance love that already exists.

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The passage in question reads: 'These are the philtres, allurements, jynges, inveiglements, baits, and enticements of love, by the means whereof that may be peaceably revived which was painfully acquired' ('Ce sont les philtres, iynges et attraictz d'amour, moienans lesquelz pacificquement on retient ce que peniblement on avoit conqueste').
But alas, our hero has run out of money, and in an effort to pay for the philtre, he recklessly agrees to join the army in return for immediate funds.
At 34 he is one of the busiest riders on the local circuit, and says: "I've been lucky to have ridden at most recent Cheltenham Festivals for some well-known trainers, and I've won the [Racing Post Weekender] Lady Dudley Cup on Distinctive [in 2000] and John Corbet Cup on Philtre [2001] and was fourth in the Christie's Foxhunter Chase on Grimley Gale [1998] on her first run outside of a point-topoint.
His most recent album Philtre (his seventh) won this year's Radio 3 World Music award for boundary crossing.
Perhaps if the year were 1447 instead of 1947 I might have hoodwinked my gentle nature by administering her some classical poison from a hollow agate, some tender philtre of death.
Cette voix, qui perle et qui filtre, / Dans mon fond le plus tenebreux, Me remplit comme un vers nombreux / Et me rejouit comme un philtre.
In addition to presenting the idea of love (in nuce at least) as its own justification, Eilhart also deals with the love philtre in an ambiguous way.
70) He may have died of a chest complaint for which Retord arranged to have him sent some medicine, which Giai initially dared not take for fear that it was a 'magic philtre to force him to become a Christian against his win', Retord, APF, 27 (1855): 28.
FLUIDE ILLUMINATEUR is the newest magical philtre from LANC'ME.
We have five of these black bags to give away with party essentials inside from Bourjois consisting of a black Coup de Theatre Mascara, for long luscious lashes, a Philtre de Nacre Gold shimmery loose powder to be dusted across eyes, cheeks or on the body and a new shade of Effet 3 D lip shine for perfect glossy lips.