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This High Assurance security along with the broad distribution of the Phoenix BIOS, and SafeNet's industry leading VPN software will be an unprecedented combination.
Additionally, the module features a Broadcom BCM5789 1000BaseTX Ethernet controller, Phoenix BIOS with ACPI 3.
In fact, our customers such as ALi, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, SiS, and VIA have already been using Phoenix BIOS solutions to successfully bring-up their AMD 64-bit processor-based designs," said Alan L.
Phoenix cME FirstBIOS offers other additional value beyond the reliability and interoperability of Phoenix BIOS products.
We believe the performance advances of the AMD Opteron and eighth-generation AMD Athlon processors combined with Phoenix BIOS technologies will provide enterprise customers with significantly increased scalability and performance," said Alan L.
There is an annual membership fee at each level that includes training and engineering certification on Phoenix BIOS technology.
This latest adoption strengthens the already close relationship between the two companies, as Hitachi has used Phoenix BIOS software for more than 10 years.
By offering customization and licensing of Phoenix BIOS products to our service offerings, we dramatically further our goal of building one of the most comprehensive engineering outsource companies.

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