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1. the technique of producing a composite picture by combining several photographs: used esp in advertising
2. the composite picture so produced



a photographic print obtained by printing from two or more negatives. Graphic material is frequently used in photomontages. In the mechanical method, the desired images are cut out of photographs, adjusted by means of enlargement to the necessary scale, glued onto a piece of paper, retouched, and then rephotographed. In the projection method, images from several negatives are printed in succession on photographic paper; masks are often used in succession to cover individual areas of the negative. Photomontages are extensively used in creating posters, advertisements, and political cartoons. Outstanding masters of the photomontage technique include A. S. Zhitomirskii, G. G. Klutsis, V. B. Koretskii, L. M. Lisitskii, and A. M. Rodchenko (USSR) and John Heartfield (German Democratic Republic).


Fotografie 73: Spetsial’noe reviu khudozhestvennoi fotografii, 1973, no. 3.
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B) Have students find other works of art that depict the desert landscape and compare them to Hockney's photocollage.
In Hockney's words, this image is "far and away the most complex and most successful of the photocollages I have done.
Instead the neo-avant-garde's return to the monochrome, the ready-made, and the photocollage some half century after they first appeared must be seen as productive repetitions that contribute to the significance of the "original" retroactively.
The most formally compelling involves the diagonal crossing in the darkroom of two spectacular photographs--a full-length figure of Lenin, on the one hand, and an illuminated nightscape on the other--a redux, thematically speaking, of the artist's famous early photocollage for the poster Electrification of the Entire Country, 1920.
Also included in this section of the exhibition were lamp and furniture designs, rock star--like group portraits announcing the group's youthful rebellion from the architectural academy, and the photocollage Competition for a Resistance, Memorial Park, Modena, 1970.
Taking the form of a storyboard and developed through photocollages and lithographs, it portrayed the relentless extension of a sublimely overscaled rectangular megalith, superimposed on natural and urban environments to produce an image of "the world rendered uniform by technology, culture and all the other inevitable forms of imperialism.
When she did commence work again, it was with a renewed interest in the strange beauty of the body as abstraction, via photocollage, drawing, and smaller-scale painting.
Dime-store nurse romances also make appearances in Good Life, otherwise Prince's photographic paean to fancy living as reflected by Glenn Horowitz's rare book library (Elsie de Wolfe's Recipes for Successful Dining, Cecil Beaton's diaries, David Hicks's On Living--With Taste), with works from the artist's "Celebrity" series sometimes in the background Bibliomania as photocollage, or in the Prince parlance, "gangs" of books.
A weird nest constructed from palm fronds, its bottom covered with ripped photocollage, rests on the limb.
This distinction underlies John Stezaker's photocollages.
In the silhouette-as-symbol, Stezaker's photocollages connect to his admiration for the work of Philipp Otto Runge, exponent of a Romantic idealism that saw in the close study of singular things a window to transcendence.