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1. the technique of producing a composite picture by combining several photographs: used esp in advertising
2. the composite picture so produced



a photographic print obtained by printing from two or more negatives. Graphic material is frequently used in photomontages. In the mechanical method, the desired images are cut out of photographs, adjusted by means of enlargement to the necessary scale, glued onto a piece of paper, retouched, and then rephotographed. In the projection method, images from several negatives are printed in succession on photographic paper; masks are often used in succession to cover individual areas of the negative. Photomontages are extensively used in creating posters, advertisements, and political cartoons. Outstanding masters of the photomontage technique include A. S. Zhitomirskii, G. G. Klutsis, V. B. Koretskii, L. M. Lisitskii, and A. M. Rodchenko (USSR) and John Heartfield (German Democratic Republic).


Fotografie 73: Spetsial’noe reviu khudozhestvennoi fotografii, 1973, no. 3.
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Cahun included many of these photographs in photomontages in her most famous book, Aveux: Non Avenues (1930), translated as Disavowals: Or Cancelled Confessions (2008).
Of course, as Lavin goes on to explain, there is a lot more complexity to be teased out of these photomontages.
One of the central elements of the exhibition, the projection consists of photomontages that juxtapose the image of Mary with that of various places the artist visited -- including Baalbek, California and Rome -- all depicted from the mannequin's perspective.
It is precisely these photomontages, along with other assemblages, that are the primary focus of the later chapters.
His colourful photomontage Sunflower Sitting Room: A Postscript to a Self-Portrait by Vincent van Gogh (1977) used the reproduction of a waxwork van Gogh to turn the late 19th-century artist into a ventriloquist's dummy.
Not until two decades later were the original collages printed as a limited edition of color photomontages and exhibited in an art-world setting.
These artists pursued a variety of image-making methods, from pseudo-documentary to happenings staged for the camera and fantastic self-portraits or photomontages, as seen in Jerzy Janisch's "Sisters" (c.
Black Sabbath feature in one of his many photomontages, which collects together images of Sabbath paraphernalia downloaded from eBay.
Elizabeth Otto's book reproduces most of the photomontages with detailed and erudite descriptions and analyses of each element in the works.
Disenchanted by the Hollywood star machine, Connell had published In Pictures in 1937, his grotesque photomontages satirizing the film industry's glossy veneer.
Patrick Collandre's Creating Photomontages With Photoshop: A Designer's Notebook (0596008589, $24.
By the early 1960s, he was constructing photomontages, which he continued to refine through various techniques into collages, his signature style.