Photosensitive Emulsion

Emulsion, Photosensitive


any of the photographic preparations consisting of substances suspended in colloidal binders. Emulsions are coated on supporting plates and dried; during processing, they swell when immersed in cold water but do not dissolve. Photosensitive emulsions contain microcrystals of silver halides (except AgF) and such other substances as diazo compounds and chromium salts. These compounds are uniformly dispersed, primarily in gelatin, but to a lesser extent in cellulose nitrates, albumin, polyvinyl alcohol, and other colloids. In addition to the dispersed compounds, photosensitive emulsions contain small quantities of such additives as optical sensitizers, hardeners, and stabilizers.

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Stork Prints' RSI units use RotaMesh screens, which have a base of electroformed nickel covered with a photosensitive emulsion for the developing process.
A process for transferring a pattern from a mask to a silicon wafer using a photosensitive emulsion and light.
What could be a more logical progression than to move from coating glass plates with a photosensitive emulsion to doing the same thing with a thin strip of clear celluloid?
Given the size of the beams recorded, this also required the development of very fine grain, high resolution silver halide photosensitive emulsions.
Pre-sensitized (PS) plates are aluminum sheets coated with photosensitive emulsions and are used in the printing industry to make large quantities of high quality color images for magazines, calendars, posters, newspapers, fine arts reproductions, etc.