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The Clarify Mobile App syncs to a proprietary, lightweight handheld device which guides patients through delivering targeted narrowband UVB phototherapy treatments for their specific skin condition.
Among the available therapies, narrowband ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) phototherapy is considered as the 'gold standard' for the treatment of diffuse vitiligo due to its simplicity, safety and efficacy.
A separate study evaluated the use of phototherapy in 18 children with PLC for a mean of 3.
3%) required no interventions, while a few required phototherapy alone (19.
2008) determined that between 5% to 10% of all newborns will require treatment with phototherapy for significant hyperbilirubinemia.
Conclusions: The frequency of hypocalcemia is significant in the jaundiced neonates treated with phototherapy.
Because of its additional benefits intermittent phototherapy can be adopted as a routine procedure instead of continuous phototherapy in neonatal care unites.
Thus there is constant research going on to find a substitute for phototherapy or to lessen the duration of the same.
1%) received phototherapy according to the AAP 2004 guidelines (Table 1).
Phototherapy was performed using five special blue lamps with wavelengths 420-450 nanometers (Tusan Company, Tehran-Iran).
Phototherapy was administered thrice weekly (Monday Wednesday and Thursday) for group I and twice weekly (Tuesday and Saturday) for group II.
Wellness Center USA Inc (OTCQB/OTCBB: WCUI), a Schaumburg Illinois based healthcare and nutraceutical company, has announced today that it has signed a share exchange agreement with Psoria-Shield Inc, a Tampa Florida-based developer and manufacturer of UltraViolet (UV) phototherapy devices.