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in ancient Greece, originally a clan tribal association; subsequently a territorial division.

The ancient kinship phylae were the center of Greek political, military, and religious life during the clan period. Each phyle was divided into phratryes. Power in the phyle was shared by the following: an elected phylarch, who had religious, judicial, and military authority; a popular assembly; and a council of elders.

As slaveholding states evolved, territory replaced kinship as the basis of the phyle. In Attica, Cleisthenes introduced a reform in 510 and 509 B.C. that substituted ten territorial phylae for four kinship phylae. Each of the ten territorial phylae consisted of three parts, with one part, or trittys, from each of the three regions of Attica: the mountain, the coastal, and the interior. Attic democracy was based on the territorial phylae.

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Muscolino is the third acquisition in the last six months for the CEO and owner, Chuck Phyle.
The titles held by these men include royal seal-bearer (htmty bity) and treasurer (imy-rhtmt), various types of scribes and accountants, the expected priests and controllers of phyles, military personnel (to the bibliographical items given on p.
The play begins with Pan's description of the barren landscape of Phyle, where men are forced to work rocks rather than soil, and of Knemon's fragmented household (1-4, 13-27).
Wiles 1984: 170-80 emphasizes the political significance of the Dyskolos's setting in the "democratic" deme of Phyle.
Indeed, there is concrete evidence to indicate that written performance reports were submitted by s ubordinates to superiors on completion of tasks, as in the case of phyles working on state or temple projects [Ezzamel, 2002e].
The Phyles experiment site, located near La Spezia in northern Italy, will be open to visitors during spring and summer in 2002.