Natural environment

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Natural environment

Includes all natural land forms, rivers and lakes, trees and plants, but does not include the built environment.

natural environment

The aggregate of the natural external surroundings and conditions, in contrast to the built environment (i.e., those surroundings and conditions resulting from construction by human beings).
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The facility will ensure that our technology infrastructure is located in a secure, stable physical environment that can accommodate our future growth.
As stated by Hiatt,[1] there has been little realization of the potential use of the physical environment as a therapeutic tool, even in settings where it has great potential for this.
Uptime Devices is a leader in environmental monitoring and management of the data center physical environment.
This will involve attention to the details of physical environment (as opposed to medical practices) that are key factors in maintaining residents' safety.
Multipath - the reflection of radio frequency (RF) signals in a physical environment - can be difficult to predict and control because it is affected by a number of factors including building construction, time, and the presence of people or other obstacles.
The course is geared for facilitators, presenters and trainers who currently teach in a physical environment, who want to learn to teach in an online environment.
There are two sources of security for a child: The security of their parents and the predictability of their physical environment.
It looks at the physical environment affected by these processes, including resource depletion, pollution and energy use; the biological environment, by considering what happens as a result of manufacture, and the social environment as it impinges on our psychological, physical and physiological comfort, as well as our financial well-being.
There is nothing more personal than your immediate physical environment.
In Richmond, we have an opportunity to fundamentally change the way cities plan for the future a and show the link between our physical environment and public health," said Daniel Iacofano, Ph.
5 million toward transdisciplinary research efforts to explore how the social and physical environment, behavioral factors, and biological pathways interact to influence human health and cause disease in certain populations.
According to Buddhist concepts, elements of the environment -- earth, water, fire, wind, and space -- are integral components to the function of our bodies and minds, and a harmony with the physical environment improves our mental and spiritual health.

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