physical examination

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physical examination:

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determination of the nature of a disease or ailment. A clinical diagnosis is based on the medical history and physical examination of the patient: it may be confirmed with X-Rays, CAT Scans (Computerized Axial Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and other
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It may not show up on medical tests, so the diagnosis is usually made on the basis of the physical exam.
how many of us are overweight, don't know our cholesterol profile numbers, get a colleague to sign off on our physical exams for renewal of our hospital privileges, or just put our heads in the sand when it comes to our own health.
Volunteers participate in serial interviews and physical exams conducted at 3- to 6-month intervals over a maximum of 3 years.
The state contends that until the rules changed last summer, Leveque signed for the cards without giving patients a physical exam.
Dear Michelle, Many camps require children to have a physical exam.
At the same time, 57% of those surveyed say they will take advantage of a free physical exam and personal wellness plan benefit included in the bill that went into effect this year.
They record weight and height, and provide a thorough physical exam that includes a check of vital signs and reflexes and an overall assessment of health.
It is unlikely that the promiscuous ordering of imaging and other lab tests can continue to conceal the problem of poor physical exam skills.
Students who plan to participate in the athletic program are reminded they must have written verification of a current physical exam on file in the office of the school nurse in order to practice.
My physical exam lacked "organic" findings, so I was continually turned away with a vague, guessed diagnosis of tendonitis, overuse injury, or stress fracture.
So a kid in a wheelchair would never be able to pass the physical exam, complete the obstacle course at the Police Academy, chase a bandit down an alley or strap on a gun and walk a beat.
In contrast, the European approach incorporating the 12-lead ECG along with history and physical exam has been shown to reduce sports-related sudden deaths through more than 25 years of experience in Italy.