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For example, type physicalism would hold that the type of mental phenomenon called an individual's belief is nothing but neuronal activity at some particular set of x--y--z stereotaxic coordinates in the brain.
The central argument for nonreductive physicalism is the argument from multiple realizability.
In addition to the work of Marxist revisionists like Gramsci, Lukacs, and Sartre, we might see a parallel between Seno'o's Dharmic materialism-which aspires to be both pragmatic and humanist--and the non-reductive physicalism of American pragmatist thinker Richard Rorty.
According to physicalism everything is physical or supervenes on the physical.
Then, it may be argued that scientific discoveries are still in progress and it may be possible sometime in the future that physicalism may be able to give the so called adequate explanation about the property of qualia.
Turnbull begins to undergo a philosophical (if not yet a theological) conversion upon seeing that his physicalism has little means of answering Wimpey's kind of Nietzscheanism.
This strategy of modern development discourse can be recognised as physicalism (12) (Apthrope 1984) in nature in which development philosophy deals with successful agriculture in terms of high productivity (assessed by output per acre), or what agronomists called 'yield-oriented' strategies.
Russell challenges both creation science--which he declares not to be real science at all--and physicalism in favor of intelligent design.
Carl Gillet and Barry Loewer, editors, Physicalism and Its Discontents.
Nonreductive physicalism and soul: Finding resonance between theology and neuroscience.
Tertullian's] Stoic materialism has interest because of the non-reductive physicalism which is so plausible at present .
2) For some time prior to the appearance of Schlick's essay, Otto Neurath and Rudolf Carnap had been aligning their notions about protocols with the prevailing theses of Physicalism and the Unity of Science (Carnap [1932a, b, d; Uebel [1992], Ch.

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