Finland: see JakobstadJakobstad
or Pietarsaari
, city (1996 pop. 19,905), Western Finland prov., W Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia. It is an important port and industrial center. More than half the inhabitants speak Swedish. The city was founded in 1652. The Finnish national poet J. L.
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The objective of the acquisition is to renew the general plan 2020 of the city of pietarsaari in accordance with the work program set out in annex 1.
These employer-employee negotiations affected most of Ruukki Construction's employees in Finland in production, sales and support functions, a total of 434 persons at several sites including Alajarvi, Espoo, Helsinki, Hameenlinna, Kouvola, Kuopio, Oulainen, Oulu, Pietarsaari, Pori, Seinajoki, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa, Vimpeli and Ylivieska.
In their three locations in KENllby, Pietarsaari and Kronoby in Finland, skilled workers craft the range of Swan vessels, from the Swan 53 to the brand new Swan 115.
To date only one radiocarbon-dated Stone Age domestic animal bone has been found from the Finnish mainland--a sheep or goat bone from a Late Neolithic Kiukainen culture site in Pietarsaari (3679 [+ or -] 33 BP, 2200-1950 cal BC, Ua-43043) (Blauer & Kantanen 2013).
Under the agreement announced on 1 February 2012, Billerud has taken over UPM-Kymmenea[euro](tm)s operations in Pietarsaari and Tervasaari, Finland, gaining a strong platform for further development of smarter packaging.
It was the headquarters of Nautor's Swan from 1968 until 2006 when the management team moved into the assembly yard at Pietarsaari on the shores of the Baltic.
This brings us to the mysterious case of the Arctic Sea, a Russian-crewed freighter of some 4,000 tons, sailing under a Maltese flag which, on 23 July, set sail from the Finnish port of Pietarsaari.
The ship, chartered by a Finnish company and carrying a cargo of timber, began its voyage at the Finnish port of Pietarsaari.
Customers include Scania CVAB, Volvo Powertrain Corporation, Rolls Royce Marine AS, Vestas Castings Guldsmedshyttan AB, Componenta Pietarsaari Oy, Vald.
FOOTBALL: Scotland's women Lost 3-0 to Finland in a challenge match in Pietarsaari.
Air-borne bioaerosols and noise in a dry waste treatment plant in Pietarsaari, Finland.
fi); and Senior Research Scientist, Niklas Keskinen, UPM-Kymmene Wisa Center, Pietarsaari, Finland (niklas.