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It is estimated that in 2014 approximately 70% of sows and piglets in Europe were PRRS positive.
A total of 24 Landrace x Duroc crossbred piglets (12 males and 12 females) weaned at 21 [+ or -] 3 d of age with an average weight of 6.
The owners said Charlotte and her seven piglets are now doing well and are all strong and healthy.
Pigs, unlike many other animals, are very true to their due date and we usually have our piglets born within a day of the actual due date.
The virus causes diarrhea and vomiting and is nearly always lethal to baby piglets.
Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Nebraska, scientists have shown that in low-birth-weight piglets, the brain is closer to normal size than other vital organs, suggesting its importance in survival.
Scientists have released a video showing the piglets glowing green under dark light.
Three PEDV field strains (ZB, YS, and SH) were isolated from different farms where 100% of sucking piglets had diarrhea.
The cost of treatments and inferior muscling in light weight piglets were also included in the study.
Farm manager Richard Craddock said: "Mum and piglets are doing well.
Information officer Chris Lines said the piglets, who are now just over a week old, were the most that had been born at the farm within a week.
She has previously been a surrogate mother already for cats, bunnies and even a racoon, and has since played with, fed and cleaned the piglets.