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An entablature above the posts and backrest is carved with a small anahaw leaf with a thorny stalk on the block above the pilasters and a frieze of a coconut frond, a banana leaf and bamboo twigs tied at the center with a ribbon, both on an entirely stippled ground.
The interior is fine with a raked gallery, fluted Ionic pilasters and an elaborate ribbed ceiling with carved panels and rosettes.
The vertical brick pilasters are now more prominent due to the masonry stain applied to the lighter colored brick in-between.
In the spandrels shone two sunflower-like designs and the outer rectangular panels were again filled in with more pilasters, geometrical patterns and phantasmagoric flowers and vines.
Walgreens also restored the interior columns topped with pilasters and the original bank vault, which has been repurposed as a "Vitamin Vault" in the store's health and wellness section.
That is why the slabs have pilasters only on one side.
With its broad facade of pilasters facing the quad, the building intentionally recalls Widener Library at Harvard University and Butler Library at Columbia University.
You can't invert walls or windows on stage, so we made the architecture of the room absolutely symmetrical--even the wallpaper patterns and the sculptural caps and bases of the pilasters are identical so as not to contradict the illusion.
Groundbreaking took place July 1 on the first Gateway initiative: stylized lighting, pilasters and lettering on a new bridge to be built soon over Indiana 49 at U.
Diffuse daylight fills the entry and product display area, illuminating the brick pilasters and wood scrim.
Bronstein is playing with style through notions of verisimilitude and virtuosity--both a desire for these traits and a recognition of their potential obsolescence--as much as he is manipulating the imagery of facades, pilasters, and proportions.
A Features such as wall-moulding, ceiling roses, cornicing and pilasters will help add grandeur as will mosaic tile flooring.