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(Sergei Mikhailovich Izvekov). Born July 10 (23), 1910, in the city of Bogorodsk, now Noginsk, Moscow Oblast. Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. Doctor of theology, honorary member of the Leningrad (1962) and Moscow (1963) theological academies.

Pimen became a monk in 1927 and took holy orders in 1930 as hierodeacon and hieromonk. In 1946 he became an abbot. He served for 20 years in churches in Moscow, Murom, Odessa, and Rostov-on-Don. In 1949 he became vicegerent of the Pskov-Pechora Monastery and archimandrite in 1950. In 1954, Pimen was appointed vicegerent of the St. Sergius Trinity Laura in Zagorsk, Moscow Oblast. He was made a bishop in 1957. From 1960 to 1961 he served as archbishop in charge of the Moscow patriarchate, was a permanent member of the Holy Synod, and had oversight of the Tula and Belev eparchies. In 1961 he became metropolitan of Leningrad and Ladoga. In 1963 he was made metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna. From 1970 to 1971, Pimen was acting patriarch of Moscow. He was elected patriarch in 1971 at the Council of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Since 1963, Pimen has been a member of the World Peace Council, the Soviet Committee for the Defense of Peace, and the Soviet Committee for Cultural Ties With Compatriots Abroad. He represented the Russian Orthodox Church at the Warsaw (1963) and Geneva sessions of the World Peace Council, at the World Congresses for General Disarmament and Peace in Moscow (1962) and Helsinki (1965), at the World Assembly for Peace in Berlin (1969), at the Assembly of the World Peace Council in Budapest (1971), and the World Congress of Partisans of Peace in Moscow (1973). For his deeds in the defense of peace, Pimen has been awarded testimonials and personal medals by the Soviet Peace Fund (1969 and 1971) and the gold Fighter for Peace medal from the Soviet Committee for the Defense of Peace (1970).

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However unpopular his decision is, we have no right to interfere in his eparchy, said Metropolitan Pimen about Metropolitan Agatangel's recent decision to begin charging 500 denars for taking of photos outside and 1,500 denars for taking of photos and videos inside his eparchy's churches during wedding and baptism ceremonies.
Bishop Pimen of Upper Egypt's Naqada and Qus villages, who is also the head of the crisis committee of the Coptic Orthodox Church, said the engineering unit of the Armed Forces has set a three-stage plan to renovate and rebuild the churches, monasteries and other institutions.
Sophia Cathedral, the disgrace of Archbishop Pimen, whom Ivan insulted as a traitor and a wolf, and the extortion via "righter" (pravezh) of much money by oprichniki.
Late Patriarch Maxim received the order in 1979, so did Russian Patriarchs Pimen (1974), Alexiy II (1998) and incumbent Kiril (2012).
He studied techniques of icon painting under the direction of a master who worked in the Old Believer tradition, Pimen Sofronov, and took part in a group project to decorate a church with frescos.
In a commendable choice, the segment begins with the confrontation between Boris and the monk Pimen, stirringly sung by Nicola Moscona, which properly sets the stage for the death scene that follows it.
Pimen, santisimo Patriarca de Moscu y de toda Rusia subrayo en una de sus intervenciones "Debo declarar con toda responsabilidad que en la Union Sovietica no ha habido un solo caso de que a alguien se le haya encausado o encarcelado por convicciones religiosas.
The initiative was signed Friday by directors Ljubisa Georgievski and Dejan Projkovski, academicians Cvetan Grozdanov and Tome Bosevski, doctors Aspasija Sofijanova, Aleksandar Karagjozov, Borce Georgievski, Marija Hadzi-Lega, Andon Cibisev and Zvonko Marinkovik, professor and diplomat Jordan Plevnes, metropolitans Agatangel and Pimen, Muslim cleric Zekir Sadikoski and athletes Naumce Mojsoski and Indira Kastratovik.
The extract also has the Bolshoi-trained tenor, Misha Raitzin, as Shiusky, Yoland Guerard as Pimen and Nancy deLong as Feodor.
If it is assumed that the case with archbishop Pimen might mean start of some liberalization of MOC, then it is clear that this will be ruinous for the entire Macedonian state.
We at the Honorary Consulate in Hamburg have had the pleasure to have His Beatitude Stefan, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, and Metropolitan Pimen of Europe as our guests here in Hamburg several times over the past years.