Pin Grid Array

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Pin Grid Array

(PGA) A style of integrated circuit socket or pin-out with pins laid out on a square or rectangular grid with a separation of 0.1 inch in each direction. The pins near the centre of the array are often missing.

PGA is often used on motherboards for processors, e.g. Socket 6 and Socket 8.

PPGA is "plastic PGA" (as opposed to ceramic?).

See also SPGA.
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In the latest ruling, the panel determined that flip-chip only packages and pin grid array only packages are not royalty bearing but that certain other packages, principally certain wirebond and combination flip-chip-wirebond packages, are royalty bearing.
The device is available in a hermetic ceramic pin grid array package.
First, Figure 4a shows what is common with narrow-pitch flat pack, pin grid array (PGA), and ball grid array (BGA) IC packages.
There are plug-in packages like the pin grid array (PGA), assembly materials like conductive adhesives and even metal fusion bonding, wire bonding and ultrasonic flip chip.
In addition to the high number of dielectric layers, some of these substrates were manufactured as pin grid arrays with Gilbert shroud interconnects, cavities and additional interconnects.
Mobile chips now come in two smaller packages, the Ball Grid Array, about the size of a 33 cents postage stamp, and the Pin Grid Array, which enables the addition of components at a later stage of manufacturing for greater flexibility.
In 1,000-unit quantities, the Intel Celeron processor at 400 MHz in Plastic Pin Grid Array (PPGA) packaging is $158, and the Single Edge Processor Package (SEPP) version is $166.
Advanced Interconnections Corporation has introduced an interstitial pin grid array (PGA) connector.
The CSL Umpire board is designed to evaluate the following patterns: 68 pin leadless chip carrier (LCC); 80 pin tiny quad flat pack (TQFP); 256 in and out (IO) ball grid array (BGA); pin grid array (PGA) socket; 16 pin dual in-line package (DIP); and B24 comb patterns on the bottom side (16 SIR patterns in all).
The 450MHz and 500MHz mobile Intel Celeron processors are available immediately in ball grid array, pin grid array and mobile module version, priced at USD96 and USD134 respectively in 1,000 unit quantities.
Pentium IIIs now come in two form factors: Slot One and the new flip-chip pin grid array package, FC-PGA, which is smaller and can take advantage of existing Slot 370 motherboards.
The SP9900 monitors critical parameters in multilayer organic panels manufactured for flip chip pin grid array (FC-PGA) and flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA)-type packages.