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For some persons thus named, use Pinckney.
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And I think I did very well to make up both General Pinkney and Clementina, don't you, Joe?
Pinkney are both creations of the same art--but you wouldn't call it either painting or music.
Author Andrea Davis Pinkney and her husband, illustrator Brian Pinkney, sustain and develop this idea throughout their book, paying stirring tribute to King's personal warmth, spiritual strength and leadership.
Janine Pinkney was found behind the Palladium Shops, in Grove Hill, on March 8.
Katelyn Pinkney (12), Crystal Coyle (11) and Meredith Barwick-Plant (12) joined coaches Josh Mosavi and Tina Shaw at the prestigious event.
Andrea Davis Pinkney writes in "collage verse" or "bio-poem," seamlessly weaving the biographical details of Keats' life with commentary often addressed to Peter himself, noting how he and Ezra "made a great team" and how: "He dared to open a door.
Award-winning childrens author Andrea Davis Pinkney will deliver the 2016 Anne Scott MacLeod Lecture on Thursday, Oct.
Golcar man David Pinkney suffered head injuries when he lost control of a hire scooter on sand on the road of the tropical island of Koh Chang.
Mac Baracael and import Kevinn Pinkney scored 21 points each to lead the Fuel Masters, who gave their playoff bid a boost with a 3-5 card.
WHEN two strong-arm car thieves targeted 63-year-old Hector Pinkney, they bit off more than they could chew.
Caughie, Melba Cuddy-Keane, Maria DiBattista, Terry Eagleton, Christine Froula, Jane Goldman, Suzette Henke, Claire Kahane, Stephen Kern, Alison Light, Minow-Pinkney herself, Tony Pinkney, Suzanne Raitt, Christopher Reed, Susan Sellers, Brenda R.