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a group of early-ripening varieties of wine grapes native to France. Several varieties are widely cultivated in the USSR. Pinot Noir grapes are dark blue, medium-sized (about 15 mm in diameter), and rounded. They are deformed in compact clusters. The yield is 5-10 tons per hectare (ha). The grapes are used to obtain high-quality champagnes and red table wines. They are cultivated in the Krasnodar Krai, the Georgian SSR, the Moldavian SSR, and the Ukrainian SSR.

Pinot Gris grapes are pinkish gray, medium-sized, rounded, and deformed in compact clusters. The yield is from 3 tons/ha in the Crimea to 20 tons/ha in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR. The grapes are used in the production of table wines, champagne, and dessert wines (for example the wines Pinot Gris and Ai-Danil’ [a name derived from the name of a Crimean sovkhoz belonging to the Massandra wine corporation]). They are raised in the Moldavian SSR, Krasnodar and Stavropol’ krais, and the Ukrainian SSR.

Pinot Blanc grapes are white. The yield is higher than that of other varieties. Pinot Blanc grapes are used to make champagnes. They are cultivated in the Georgian SSR, the Ukrainian SSR, and the Moldavian SSR.

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The wine is versatile and pairs well with most dishes, but as grouse season now underway (as of the Glorious Twelfth), why not drink a pinot toast to the wild bird?
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Pero cuando los dos genes se inactivan por una mutacion, esta via se mantiene apagada y la uva se torna blanca (verde amarilla), como en el caso de Pinot blanc.
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Now this pinot gris is miles apart from its flavour-thin mass produced pinot grigio cousin from Italy.
The report said that Pinot, who traces the problem back to a serious crash he suffered while he was 12 years old, would drive an F1 car at speeds of up to 120mph around the Magny-Cours track in France at the end of his season with the help of former racing driver Max Mamers.
Outside Burgundy pinot noir was only found in Champagne, in small pockets of Alsace and the upper Loire Valley.