vertical bar

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vertical bar

The character "|", ASCII code 124.

Common names: bar; or; or-bar; v-bar; pipe; vertical bar. Rare: ITU-T: vertical line; gozinta; thru; pipesinta; INTERCAL: spike.

"Pipe", "gozinta", "thru" and "pipesinta" refer to the use of "|" in Unix shells to create a pipe.

Some keyboards show both a solid vertical bar (code 124) and a broken vertical bar (code 166).


muntin, 2
muntin, 1
1. A secondary framing member to hold panes within a window, window wall, or

vertical bar

The vertical bar character (|), located over the backslash (\) key, is used as an OR operator. In the C/C++ language, two vertical bars are used; for example, if (x == 'a' || x == 'b') means "if X is equal to A or B." It is also used as a pipe symbol, which directs the output of one process to another. See filters and pipes.
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The company's Dwaine Pipe character emphasises the message that "only paper, pee and poo go down the loo" to try to stop cotton buds, nappies and the like clogging the drains alongside the formidable "fatbergs" of grease that we wash off our pans.
ADS requires using the pipe character (|) as the delimiter between any two attributes/fields.