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For Frankish rulers thus named, use Pepin.


1. any of several varieties of eating apple with a rounded oblate shape
2. the seed of any of these fruits


A multimedia game machine from Apple that used the PowerPC architecture and a limited version of the Mac OS. The Pippin was introduced in 1995 and discontinued two years later due to very poor worldwide sales. It included a CD-ROM drive, analog modem for Internet access and handheld game controller. Manufactured by Bandai in Japan and Katz Media Productions (KMP) in Europe, the machine was named after the colonial American Pippin apple.
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fitted their SAPT results and the QMC values of Ceperley and Partridge [15] to the algebraic expression of Tang and Toennies [9] while holdign constant the asymptotic dispersion coefficients of Bishop and Pipin [22].
Pipin, Dipole, Quadrupole, Octupole, and Dipole-Octupole Polarizabilities at Real and imaginary Frequencies for H, He, and [H.
Asi, Pipin aprendio a moverse, a contener la respiracion por periodos inauditos y a sumergirse a profundidades asombrosas dentro del agua.
Henry Riding, prosecuting, told how Stevens was armed with a Samurai sword and a second man with a pole, piece ofwood or pipins g.
And, after having seen part of Asia and Africa, and allmost made the tour of Europe, I think the honest English Squire more happy who verily believes the Greek wines less delicious than March beer, that the African fruits have not so fine a flavour as golden Pipins, and the Becafiguas of Italy are not so well tasted as a rump of Beef, and that, in short, there is no perfect Enjoyment of this Life out of Old England.