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For Frankish rulers thus named, use Pepin.


1. any of several varieties of eating apple with a rounded oblate shape
2. the seed of any of these fruits


A multimedia game machine from Apple that used the PowerPC architecture and a limited version of the Mac OS. The Pippin was introduced in 1995 and discontinued two years later due to very poor worldwide sales. It included a CD-ROM drive, analog modem for Internet access and handheld game controller. Manufactured by Bandai in Japan and Katz Media Productions (KMP) in Europe, the machine was named after the colonial American Pippin apple.
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The book, A Splash of Red: the Life and Art of Horace Pippin
Pippin argumenta que Nietzsche se concentra en la dimension psicologica para intentar comprender lo que ocurre cuando actuamos con base en ciertos valores que expresan nuestros compromisos frente a la vida y que clase de esfuerzo hay que construir para no perder el deseo de ser agentes (de cierto tipo de acciones), aun a sabiendas de que es mas que posible fracasar en el intento.
So in looking at Pippin, I wanted to keep the heritage, but also to move forward.
Pippin takes well-made film noirs as bellwethers of changing sociocultural attitudes about relative agency and freedom.
The view of agency that is undermined by film noir's fatalism is called by Pippin in the introduction the "reflective model" (15); it is treated in the conclusion more succinctly and a little differently; there he describes it as "the Western humanist inheritance" (98).
In addition to Pippin, they chose 17 additional projects, some created by legendary designers such as Louis I.
The Pippin Prep is designed to automate preparative gel electrophoresis for the creation of DNA sequencing libraries.
There was like no words; I just cried," said a tearful Jacie Pippin, Roddy Pippin's wife.
Imperial Pippin beat more experienced rivals on her debut at Newbury in April and finished third in an Oaks trial at Goodwood last month.
Gosden was pleasantly surprised that Imperial Pippin proved sufficiently forward to beat more experienced rivals on her debut at Newbury in April and she built on that when finishing third in an Oaks trial at Goodwood last month.