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This enraged Constable Pir Sultan who beat up Arshad in the presence of several people.
These lines of poetry -- which some attribute to Pir Sultan Abdal and others to Hatay -- are a source of richness not only because of their content, but from the viewpoint of language.
MULTAN -- The magnificent tomb of Hazrat Pir Sultan Ahmed Qatal Bukhari, which was built in 16th century at Jalalpur Pirwalain 50 years, needs attention of authorities for its proper repair and conservation.
Orman ve su isleri igdir il sube mE-dE-rlE-gE- pir sultan abdal mahallesi ilham aliyev caddesi 72 76100 merkez
They had gathered to commemorate Pir Sultan Abdal, a 16th-century bard hanged for preaching rebellion against Sunni Muslim Ottoman government when the rivalry of their ancestors was crushed by Sultan Selim I.
On July 2, 1993, a group of fundamentalists surrounded the Madimak Hotel in which many intellectuals were staying for the Pir Sultan Abdal Festival in Sivas.
Ancak merkezi Ankara'da olan Pir Sultan Abdal Dernegi cok daha farkh bir yapi arz etmekdir.
A soul where Shamanism and Islam converged to create Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, Yunus Emre, Haci Bektas Veli, Pir Sultan Abdal and many other Sufis?
At the start of July, Nesin and a number of other intellectuals sallied forth to Sivas, a provincial capital in central Turkey and hometown of a renowned fifteenth-century poet named Pir Sultan Abdal, a member of the Alawite sect hanged for preaching rebellion against the Ottman sultan.
Dawn learnt these neighbourhoods of the Pakpattan city would feel the heat of the Supreme Court decision: Jhajrainwala, Sufiabad, Gulzara-i-Abad, Hasanpura, Gulshan Farid Colony, Ayub Sadiq Housing, Islam Colony, Pir Sultan, Pir Kot, Mohalla Basharat, Mohalla Syed Jalala, Mohalla Sayadabad, Medina Chowk, Shaheedi Bazaar Portion and Samdainwala.
Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association (PSAKD) President Gani Kaplan said they have no intention of supporting terrorism with these hunger strikes.
Two sessions of the moot would be chaired by Pir Naqeeb-ur-Rehman, Sajjada Nasheen Eid Gah Sharif and Pir Sultan Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Shah of Astana Alia Sultan Bahoo.