pistacia lentiscus

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Famous for it’s gum resin. Said to be the best stuff to fight H. Pylori. A shrub in the pistacio family, separate male and female plants, green year round, 3-15 ft (1-5m) high. Oval alternating leaves with light pale colored veins. Very small flowers with red “drupe” berries that turn black later. Yellow-white liquid resin that hardens in sun, can be chewed soft again in mouth. Sap drips out when tree gets small cuts on main branches. Used historically as chewing gum. Historically popular spice, used in all kinds of dishes, deserts and drinks. Used as a base for toothpaste, lotions and creams. Use as breath freshener, for lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, heart attacks, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, skin conditions, lowering mouth plaque, peptic ulcers, H. Pylori, gastritis, duodenal ulcers
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Indeed, it is shown that in the area of Algiers which belongs to their wintering area, the starlings strongly consume the Pistacia lentiscus fruits.
The majority of the area is colonized by matorral based Pistacia lentiscus exceeding 8800 ha while forest area is characterized by a sharp decline estimated 4783 ha.
The zinc content of mastic from Pistacia lentiscus var.
australis 1 en 1; Rosmarinus officinalis 3, Halimium halimifolium y Helichrysum picardii 1 Armeria velutina + en 2; Salsola vermiculata 2, Crucianella maritima 1, Pistacia lentiscus + en 3; Ulex australis 2, Cistus crispus y Asparagus albus 1, Pinus pinea, Phragmites australis, Juncus acutus y Olea europaea subsp.
The understory was mainly Pistacia lentiscus, and the surrounding vegetation was a mixture of abandoned Olea europaea groves, dense-to-open maquis dominated by Quercus calliprinos, Phillyrea media, Pistacia lentiscus, and Ceratonia siliqua, and dense-to-open shr ubland (batha) dominated by Sarcopoterium spinosum, Cistus spp.
05) were exhibited by Pistacia lentiscus (2-yr periodicity), Viburnum tinus (3-yr), Rubus ulmifolius (5-yr), Smilax aspera (5-yr), and Daphne gnidium (6-yr periodicity).
2016) evaluated in vivo in cholesterol fed rabbits the potential anti-ischemic and anti-atheromatic activity of Chios Mastic gum, the resin of the trunk and branches of Pistacia lentiscus var.
La vegetacion actual se encuentra condicionada por la antropizacion y el estres hidrico, que favorecen el desarrollo de espartales y formaciones de esclerofilos como Pistacia lentiscus, Pinus halepensis, Chamaerops humilis, Olea europaea var.
With that in mind, mastic's resinous exudate, obtained from the stem and main leaves of Pistacia lentiscus trees, poses a significant means for exorcizing our modern demons.
europaea, Pistacia terebinthus, Pistacia lentiscus, Q.