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(real name Gabriel de la Concepción Valdés). Born Mar. 18, 1809, in Havana; died June 28, 1844, in Matanzas. Cuban poet.

In the mid-1830’s, Plácido joined the circle of romantic poets headed by D. Delmonte y Aponte. His verses are rich in national motifs and are imbued with democratism and love of freedom. Spanish colonial authorities had Plácido shot because he was suspected of conspiring with Negroes against slavery.


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In Russian translation:
[Poems.] In Kubinskaia poeziia. Moscow, 1959.
[Poems.] In Soldaty svobody. Moscow, 1963.


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The lawsuit seeks a judgment against One Gro and Placido that calls for them to immediately repay the entire loan, along with interest at the rate of 18 percent per year.
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