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Blackman and Eastop (2006) found that this species is implicated in the transmission of at least 15 plant viruses.
Plant viruses alter insect behavior to enhance their spread.
Characterization, diagnosis & management of plant viruses.
Many plant viruses have been adapted into expression and VIGS vectors for external protein expression (Gleba et al.
Wang's findings could target any number of plant viruses.
It damages the plant in three ways - by extracting sap and therefore nutrients, by creating a sticky honeydew on the surface of the plant which attracts mould, and by transmitting damaging plant viruses through its saliva.
Charecteristics of Microplate Method of Enzyme-Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay for the Dedection of Plant Viruses.
Africa is home to many plant viruses not found elsewhere eq.
In addition to that, hackers can also use Bash bug to plant viruses on Web sites secretly once users have browsed on infected Web sites.
Since plant viruses don't infect human cells, researchers assumed that they were harmlessly passing through the digestive system.
28) Plant viruses are not known to replicate or cause infection in mammals--they lack the specific receptors necessary to enter human cells and do so.
Plant viruses commandeer the cellular machinery of plants to replicate and spread--typically at great cost to their host's health and productivity.