Platon Andreevich Kulakovskii

Kulakovskii, Platon Andreevich


Born June 26 (July 8), 1848, in Panevezys, present-day Lithuanian SSR; died Dec. 18 (31), 1912, in St. Petersburg. Russian historian and Slavic philologist.

Kulakovskii graduated from the department of history and philology of Moscow University. From 1876 to 1878 he traveled in Slavic countries. During the years 1878–82, he was a professor of Russian language and literature at the Great School in Bel-grade. From 1884 to 1902 he lectured at the University of Warsaw, where he became professor of Slavic dialectology in 1891. He wrote an extensive work entitled Illyrianism…, which has retained its scholarly importance because of its wealth of factual material.


Vuk Karadzhich: Ego deiatel’nost’iznachenie v serbskoi literature. Moscow, 1882.
Illirizm: Issledovanie po istorii khorvatskoi titeratury perioda Vozrozhdeniia. Warsaw, 1894.