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1 Residential and resort city (1990 pop. 16,027), Atlantic co., SE N.J., just W of Atlantic City; settled 1702, inc. 1888. It is the trade center of an area known as "the Mainland." Tourism, shellfishing, deep-sea fishing, and boatbuilding are important activities. 2 Residential village (1990 pop. 6,592), Westchester co., SE N.Y. The village has well-known printing and publishing facilities.
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A vacant retail store in Pleasantville was sold by Lahel Realty Corp.
Con este escrito sobre la pelicula Pleasantville, pretendemos destacar la importancia de las transformaciones estetico-perceptivas como motor de la concienciacion politica, resaltando el paso del blanco y negro al multicolor en el cine y en la television como tema principal del filme.
OB) has relocated its Thornwood branch to Pleasantville.
Ripley and Pleasantville as films that appropriate an African American tradition for use by whites without making black characters a part of the story.
The basketball coach at the middle school in Pleasantville, NJ created the Award.
Cosmos Cantata text by Kurt Vonnegut, music by Seymour Barab, with the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra conducted by Richard Auldon Clark Pleasantville, NY: Kleos Classics, 2001): 56 minutes; $15.
A substantial group of 81 graduating seniors as Pleasantville High School in New Jersey completed the Senior Student High School Rating Scale for the 2000/2001 school year This is the second year in a row that seniors completed this democratic responsibility as depicted in Education (Regier, 2000).
Perhaps they hoped to stop time in some heterosexual Pleasantville.
Pleasantville is a delightful and different movie which goes some way to restoring my faith in films as a viable form of entertainment after suffering through Patch.
Now, just in time for the election, we have Pleasantville - another exercise in American magical realism suggesting that TV is the national culture.
And with that, a bold new life force is introduced to Pleasantville.

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