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see polyacrylicspolyacrylics
, group of thermoplastics that are transparent and highly decorative (see plastic). The polyacrylics, or acrylic plastics, are polymers (and copolymers) of derivatives of acrylic acid, H2C=CH-COOH.
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Used for windows and lighting fixtures.


A tough, light, flexible thermoplastic used in the form of sheeting and film for packaging, damp-proofing, and as a vapor barrier.


A hard, tough, stable thermoplastic that is easily colored, molded, expanded, or rolled into sheeting.


Any of various tough, flexible plastics made from polyvinyl resin.


The proprietary name for a transparent weather-resistant acrylic sheet.
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The facade of a police station in the Austrian capital Vienna was covered with PLEXIGLAS Mineral.
For example, a 70-kph pellet caused an average of four cracks in 1-millimeter-thick Plexiglas plates, while a 280-kph one made eight.
Be aware: There is a danger of heating the Plexiglas too hot.
The "As-If-Ism" installation was introduced to viewers on a wall covered with Plexiglas printed with a black bold face explanation.
The DIN abrader itself measures 76 cm long by 38 cm deep and 38 cm high (30" x 15" x 15") and is constructed of steel and anodized aluminum with a plexiglas cover, allowing its operation to be visible.
Two specialized Plexiglas acrylic resins for lighting applications were recently introduced by the Atoglas Division of Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
He has constructed a series of colorful Plexiglas panels of improbable kisses.
The greenhouses were made of Plexiglas, says researcher Marilyn Walker.
The new diNovo Edge keyboard takes the approach even further by reducing the number of seams and buttons on the keyboard, offering touch-sensitive technology and controls that are flush with the keyboard surface, and using dynamic soft-orange backlighting behind the single Plexiglas panel.
Effective April 1, 2013, Evonik Industries AG will increase the prices of its PMMA sheets and blocks, which it markets under the PLEXIGLAS and DEGLAS trademarks, and the ACRIFX products by 8 percent.
PLEXIGLAS moulding compounds are thermoplastics based on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).
Centered on each wall was a square, black-and-white gelatin print under a sheet of Plexiglas, most of them color tinted.