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Intense, small-scale folding.



small-scale folding usually observed in dense sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and occurring in thin layers as a result of tectonic deformations in highly plastic rocks.

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Of the 9 boys who initially had mild VC, 2 had persistent curvature following degloving alone and underwent dorsal plication.
ComparisonThe described material has simple enamel plications with round to ovate isolated protCone and shows all the basic features of Cremohipparion antelopinum (Falconer and Cautley, 1849; Colbert,1935; Bernor and Hussain, 1985; Iqbal et al.
The pubocervical fascia is dissected and separated from the underside of the vaginal epithelium without splitting the vagina, as is done using traditional methods for midline plication.
theobaldi is a large species with less complicated enamel plications whereas Hipparion sp.
Development of postoperative urinary stress incontinence in clinically continent patients undergoing prophylactic Kelly plication during genitourinary prolapse repair.
In the full-thickness plication group, moderate to severe heartburn decreased from 53 percent to 43 percent of patients; medication use decreased from 95 percent to 43 percent; and decreases were seen for regurgitation, voice symptoms and swallowing difficulties.
Patients received either an extended myectomy alone, a myectomy plus either papillary muscle release or mitral leaflet plication, or the total RPR procedure.
Plication in palms is the result of differential growth (Kaplan et al.
The Home Office rejected claims that strict guidelines banning smiling in graphs would lead to more plications being rejected.
concluded that early surgical correction is possible as tunica albuginea plication was also effective in prepubertal period.
Our results demonstrated the viability of guava cutting for fast multi- plication of guava plants.