Plock Petroleum-Refining and Petrochemical Combine

Płock Petroleum-Refining and Petrochemical Combine


a large enterprise in Poland that accounts for about 80 percent of the country’s petroleum refining. It is located in the city of Plock, along the route of the Druzhba oil pipeline. Together with the Oświęcim, Tarnów, and Kędzierzyn combines, it supplies the country with the products of basic organic synthesis. It also manufactures raw materials and semifinished products for the production of plastics and synthetic fibers and rubber. Construction of the plant was started in 1960 with the technical aid of the USSR. By 1974, three oil-refining installations had been completed, with a total annual capacity of 9 million tons. Four lines for reforming gasoline and a line for catalytic cracking are in operation. Current installations at the Płock combine also turn out an annual production of 75,000 tons of butadiene, 30,000 tons of lene glycol, 30,000 tons of ethylene oxide and polyethylene, 30,000 tons of polypropylene, about 27,000 tons of phenol, and 18,000 tons of acetone.