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One glance at the Turftrax Magnascan 'map' of the course illustrates that, the GPS-originated 'map' defining the course by the electrical conductivity of the soil (or were you happier with the pointy stick and the labrador?
However, some critters shouldn't have 'em, or knives, or pointy sticks, or access to model airplane glue, for that matter.
In Europe, mainly, it involved clubs, pointy sticks and slingshots.
He had some great gags about bilingual beggars in Canada, blind people being given pointy sticks to pick up rubbish on the street and being allowed to swear as a child.
Predictably enough, while David Cameron's been crowing about how he's sorting the bankers out - by organising the mob going round to Goodwin's gaff with the burning torches and pointy sticks - the Tories have been trying once again to get their Welfare Reform Bill passed.
Not quite sure what he was thinking--because, as typical on a beaver house, plenty of sharp, pointy sticks covered the area--I stood with my wet feet on the other side and patiently watched as Wayne gathered courage.
An odd little programme that looks at the lives of the darts widows who sit and wait while their husbands try to earn a living throwing pointy sticks at a wire covered board.
Admittedly, at the moment we don't have to worry too much about marauding robber barons with large pointy sticks and a penchant for toasting their baps on bits of blazing thatch.
For Andy, threats and beatings from disgruntled family members waving pointy sticks and burning torches are all par for the course when it comes to his love life.