Poland China swine

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Poland China swine,

oldest breed of swine to have originated in the United States and one of the most popular. A number of strains have contributed to the development of this breed, notably the Irish Grazier and the Berkshire. Poland Chinas, among the largest of swine, are usually black; some have white spots on different parts of the body, particularly on the feet, nose, and tail.
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Our systematic exploration approach has served well at the Poland China Mine project.
Initial exploration on Poland China included mapping, magnetic surveying and soil sampling.
Poland China The Poland China hogs are not from Poland or China, but originated in Ohio in the early 1800s from crossing Russian, Byfield, Big China, Berkshire, and Irish Grazer stock.
Spotted Swine Spotted Swine are commonly known as Spots Hogs, and were developed in Indiana from crossing Poland China hogs with native hogs.
While the Chester White and Poland China were essentially unchanged from 1999 to 2000/2001, their numbers have decreased by more than 25% over the past five years.
Swine breeders used Duroc, Poland China and possibly some Chester White blood in developing the Hereford, selecting for both color and performance traits, including early maturity and high feed efficiency on pasture or in confinement.
Hailing from neither Poland nor China, the Poland China comes from the Miami Valley of Ohio.