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the former central policy-making and governing body of the Communist party of the Soviet Union and, with minor variations, of other Communist parties. It was first created on the eve of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917, but it did not become fully functional until the Eighth Party Congress in Mar., 1919. Nominally elected by the central committee to direct the party between the committee's plenary sessions, the politburo, in reality, governed the country. The size of the politburo in the Soviet Union varied; from 1952 until 1966 it was called the presidium.


1. the executive and policy-making committee of a Communist Party
2. the supreme policy-making authority in most Communist countries
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If the elected democratic governments are reluctant to be instrumented to this end, Politbureau of the non-elected apparatchiks will eagerly finalize the unfinished.
In conclusion it is worth recalling the words of former JVP Politbureau Member Somasiri Kumanayake - a leading participant in the 1971 insurgency (later Coordinating Secretary, Power and Energy Ministry under the PA Government):
The weekly Cabinet meeting, chaired by HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani, has welcomed the positive outcome of the meeting held in Cairo last Thursday between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and chief of the Politbureau of the Hamas Movement Khalid Mishal.
PPSF Politbureau Secretary-General, Awny Abu Ghawsh, was arrested while passing Atarah checkpoint near the city of Ramallah on Wednesday night, said a PPSF press release on Thursday.
In June 2008, Tulla Devender Goud, a politbureau member and Deputy Leader of the
He said the CPI ( Maoist) politbureau had rejected the home minister's proposal to lay down arms as a precondition for being invited for talks.
The CPI-M politbureau expressed scepticism about the references to spreading democracy and combating terrorism and expressed its concerns about making alliances with the United States 'at a time when the superpower has become notorious for its unilateralist and anti-democratic activities'.
2) Chastising the Bolshevik Party's leadership for betraying its own revolutionary tradition, the pamphlet was a blunt challenge to the ruling bloc in the Politbureau.
20) The PKI, for its part, kept a relatively low profile during the early deliberations, but when Sukarno announced in February 1957 that he planned to dismantle parliamentary democracy, the PKI politbureau issued a statement, saying that 'the Western system of democracy carried out in Indonesia up to the present has been harmful to the development of the revolutionary and democratic movement'.
Dizayi, and the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) politbureau representative agreed with Jasim.
It is obvious that neither members of the Politbureau nor the leaders of the Soviet government had any feeling in their souls or consciences.